What makes your brand stand out from everyone else's ? What draws customers to your product ?

     The Perception of Quality

      Presentation is vital ! When customers believe your product to be of high quality so the potential value of that product increases and so do your margins. The most effective way to achieve this is visually, through professional high quality photography by Simon W Randall.

I operate on a personal day rate + licensing fee

Day rate:

For that you get me, my equipment and my skill set.

I generally don't employ assistants (unless the size of the project calls for it)

So when we negotiate the contract it important to be clear on how much work you require me to do and the schedule -

      Will there be a pre-shoot meeting/casting;

      The day of the shoot itself;

      Post production/retouching;

It is only after terms are agreed and the contract awarded that my time will then become billable. 

     A none refundable deposit equal to 1/4 my agreed total fee is required to secure my services.

      All other costs - studio time, makeup etc. will be agreed and budgeted for separately.

licensing fee:

      This fee is based on how and where you intend to use the images and will be agreed in advance as part of our contract.

Negotiating can be fun:

      If you are a new business starting up or simply have a limited budget tell me your idea and we will work on a package together.

      Can you guarantee magazine publication and/or paid advertising ?

Everybody enjoys publicity and most people will see this as an incentive !

Get in touch to discuss your project :